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Larkollen & Sletterøyene

When we think of to learn to kitesurfing, we dream of finding large, deserted beaches with a stable wind. But finding such beaches in Norway is no easy task. Oslo Kiteskole searched ... and finded it . Sletterøyene are a set of islands south of Oslo, with flat, grassy and stable winds from all directions, these conditions are perfect to take our first steps in kitesurfing. In this place there are also beaches to bath, good walks, wildlife, birds and excellent conditions for camping. We have boats that take us there and will follow us throughout the whole weekend course.

Weekend courses starts friday 20hs and finishes sunday 15-16 hs

About Oslo Kiteskole

Why Oslo Kiteskole?

Oslo kiteskole proposes a better way so you can get the most out of the course. Oslo Kiteskole is the only school that can stretch their teaching hours from 7am until gets dark, why? because our school pitch camp on the islands during the weekend with the participants, this gives the participants the opportunity to practice many more hours. With us you are the one who set your limits.

Oslo Kiteskole is one of the few schools working in deep water with the participants from the first day of course, depending on the wind conditions and the skills of the participants. All Participants wishing to go to deep water should give the necessary level for this purpose. We have boats that give us the necessary assistance throughout the whole weekend course. Each participant can take the break when needed, our school is concerned that there is always an instructor available when the student is ready.

At night, the participants sit around the fire, make a barbacue and talk about all the things the have learned during the day.

We take you to a unique experience!

Weekend Course

Course Plan


Friday from 20 pm until 23hs

We learn Basic Theory of wind, wind window, safety systems, etc.

We Delivery equipement that we will need for the entire weekend: wetsuits, harnesses, helmets, etc.

We learn how to set up gear, and practice to flight the kite on the ground for several hours until it gets dark.


Saturday from 9 am to 21h

Practical kiting

We started when the wind comes no matter what time. We still flying the kite on land several hours until until we have very good control, if there are good wind conditions, we can train for more than 12hs! And if wind conditions permit and participants have good control, we go to the the water!

We learn bodydraging downwind, directional bodydraging, bodydraging upwind and relaunch the kite from deep water. If there are good wind conditions we can try waterstart.


Sunday we hold on until 15-16

Depending on the level of each participant we continued the day using all the knowledge learned, if wind conditions permit we continue to try to work on the water with the "waterstart".

We inform to all participants that in August and September courses will begin on Saturday at 9 am, adding more class time on Sunday, the reason for this is that is not worth starting the course on Friday as the few hours of light available when we finished setting up the camping.

Included in the course

  • At least 12 hours of training and instruction of kite instructors.
  • At least 8 hours of intensive practical training (from Friday at 8:00 pm on sunday at 4:00 pm).
  • Boat transport from Larkollen to Sletterøyene.
  • Use of the market's best kite equipment.

What can you expect?

  • Quick learning
  • Good wind conditions, among the best in the country. The islands are pretty flat and the wind reaches from any direction.
  • A windy location combined with Norway's most experienced instructors guarantees you a fun and educational weekend!

Who does it suit?

The course is mainly for people who want to learn basic kiting.

You must be able to understand Norwegian or English.


From 10 to 70 years.

All children under the age of 16 must be together with an adult.

All children under the age of 18 must have written consent of the parents.

Wind guarantee

The weather is an unpredictable factor, to ensure the satisfaction of all participants we will offer free space on a new course if that is not enough wind to fly the kite throughout the course.

What I need for a kite course?

Food and water (at least 5 liters of water) throughout the weekend.

Friday and Saturday night: bring roasted food!

We have a water heater and a grill.

Protector solar, at least SPF 30, for the face. The rest of the body is protected by neoprene suit.

  • Swimwear
  • Clothes
  • A pair of sneakers that can be used in water.
  • Neoprene outfit, if you have it, otherwise you have to rent one from Oslo Kiteskole.
  • Impermeable (if there is any rain)
  • coverage coat (winter jacket recommended)
  • Windbreak
  • Basket of plastic trash (to pack all equipment when transported to Sletterøyene)
  • Cell phone
  • Toilet paper
  • Lighter
  • Knife and fork
  • Lantern
  • Telt. Ta med eget telt hvis du har. Hvis ikke, får du plass i et av våre, men da må du regne med å dele telt med andre.
  • Liggeunderlag/luftmadrass. Vi tar med noen ekstra for de som ikke har egne.
  • Sovepose og en god pute (anbefales på det sterkeste)
  • Hjelm (kite-, kajakk-, skatehjelm) hvis du har. Du kan også låne av oss.
  • Flytevest, hvis du har egen. Vi har flytevester for alle kursdeltakere.
  • Har du egen kite og brett, så ta dette med. Vi har kiteutstyr til alle kursdeltakere, men det er viktig at du lærer å mestre ditt eget utstyr.

We will teach you until it gets dark!

Weekend Course Snowkiting

All the dates for our winter course

Vi sees neste år!
Kr.2490 2390 kr student/barn

OKS holder ikke kurs sommer 2019

Places course


Everything is possible with Oslo Kiteskole


Wind guarantee

If we don’t find wind enough to fly the kites or the course is cancelled due the bad weather conditions, we will offer you to participate in another course for free.


Instructor’s guarantee

Maximum 4 participants per instructor, our school cares for all our participants are properly trained.


Equipment guarantee

All participants will have the possibility to use different types and sizes of kites. Use the best kites market brands such as Cabrinha, Ozone, Naish or North.

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