Winter Courses

Kitekurs at Hardangervidda

kite paradise

Hardangervidda mecca for snowkiting

We keep our winter courses at the national park of Hardangervidda. Hardangervidda is the mecca for snowkiting because of its vast expanses, snowy lakes and very stable wind conditions. Kiters from all around the world come here to kite and try Hardangervidda’s kite paradise.

Course Plan Hardangervidda: weekend course starts friday 21hs and finishes sunday 16hs.

Weekend Course

Course Plan


Delivery of materials

We start the course with basic theory on friday from kl. 21.00. Here we also find equipment to all participants that will use throughout the course.


First day
Get Started

With us you start very early! To make the most of the day we meet at 9am, then we drive to some kitespot where there is good wind conditions. On our first day we will learn how to fly the kite properly and safely, trying to gain control and confidence. Also we discuss safety standards. Then fit the skis / snowboard and gradually we learn how to slide on snow.

Oslo kiteskole not required taking breaks, you are free to take a break when is better for you, we will worry aboout there is always an instructor available to help.


Guaranteed fun

Sunday started at 9am and ended around 16hs. We continue with the progression of the previous day tried to have fun on the skis or board.

We will do everything in our hands to so you come back home tired and with a smile on your face :)


After sign up for the course you will receive a payment order in your email (check your Spam-folder if you dont see it) that you must pay before 24hs, and an e-mail with a confirmation of your participation when we get the payment. Here you will get an overview of what to bring to the course, where and when to meet, a PDF with general theory of kiting. In addition to this, we are always available by email or phone so you can answer any questions you may have at any time. Do not hesitate to call us (0047) 45106082 if there is anything you are wondering.


The course's goal is to make you an independent and safe kiter. You will learn what you need to know about safety and kite control to be able to practice on your own.

How far you go depends on your skills and aspirations.


We set the course according to the individual's skills and ambition level. We have a maximum of 4 students per instructor and therefore they can follow up each individual throughout the course, regardless of level.

The course is suitable for those without experience, those with some experience, those who have taken a course several years ago, those who wish to attend a course or who only want further guidance. Feel free to let us know before the course so we can adapt the teaching in the best possible way to your wishes, needs and your level.


What is the easiest: skies or snowboard?

It's easier to keep the balance with skis . Those who learn snowkiting with skis usually have a faster progression than those on snowboarding. But if you have experience with snowboard from before it wont be any problem.

Can I use telemark skiing?

Yes, as long as you use alpine skies with rigid boots.

Can I use cross-country skiing?


Can I rent a ski?

Yes, you can rent from us all the equipment you need.

I bought a kite, should I bring it?

Yes, It’s really recomendable you use your own equipment to get to know eachother.

What type of kite should I buy?

On the course you will get information about different types of kite. We use kites from Cabrinha, Ozone or Naish which are the best kites on the market.

Get a unforgettable experience

Sleep in our cabin

Overnight accommodations

Sleep with us at our cabin

It is possible to order beds in the same cabin with the instuctors. We rent a large cottage on Ustaoset where there is room for some people in addition to the instructors. This is a good opportunity to meet other people with the same interest. We usually have a nice evening with a shared dinner and a good atmosphere.

The price for two nights is 750.00 kroner. This includes breakfast both Saturday and Sunday.

Other possibilities

Cottages at Ustaoset, Geilo, Ål

If there is no available accommodation at Haugastøl Tourist Center, there are several other possibilities for accommodation.

Ustaoset is 13 km from Haugastøl. Geilo is 23 km from Haugastøl. There are several hotels and many cabins on Ustaoset and Geilo. You should drive by car if you are staying at Ustaoset or Geilo!

Cabin rental Ustaoset:

FINN.NO Cabins

For other accommodation (about 20 min drive to Haugastøl)

There are many hotels and many cabins around Geilo. Geilo is 24 km from Haugastøl.

Weekend Course Snowkiting

All the dates for our winter course

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Oslo kiteskole holder ikke kitekurs vinter 2019

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Everything is possible with Oslo Kiteskole


Wind guarantee

If we don’t find wind enough to fly the kites or the course is cancelled due the bad weather conditions, we will offer you to participate in another course for free.


Instructor’s guarantee

Maximum 4 participants per instructor, our school cares for all our participants are properly trained.


Equipment guarantee

All participants will have the possibility to use different types and sizes of kites. Use the best kites market brands such as Cabrinha, Ozone, Naish or North.

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