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Summer course or Winter course 2017/2018

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Valid for summer course or winter course 2017/2018

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Gavekortet sendes i e-posten og gis direkte til instruktøren på kurset. Det eneste du trenger å gjøre er og booke kurs på og indikerer at kurset skal betales med gavekort. Gyldighet 2 år.

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Learn to kite in summer and winter: Oslo kiteskole gives kitekurs throughout the whole year, both in the summer and in the winter season

Kitekurs at Hardangervidda - Winter Courses

We keep our winter courses at the national park of Hardangervidda. Hardangervidda is the mecca for snowkiting because of its vast expanses, snowy lakes and very stable wind conditions. Kiters from all around the world come here to kite and try Hardangervidda’s kite paradise.

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Kitekurs at Larkollen - Summer course

When we think of to learn to kitesurfing, we dream of finding large, deserted beaches with steady wind, but finding this kind of beaches in Norway is not a easy task. Oslo Kiteskole searched ... and finded it . Sletterøyene with its flats, grassy and stable winds from all directions, has the perfect conditions to take our first steps in kitesurfing.

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