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Kitekurs på Hardargervidda

Jueves 24 de Agosto de 2017
 Kitekurs på Hardargervidda

Helpful sites for determining kiting conditions

There are many sites you can visit in wind forecasts, but probably the two major ones are
Windfinder and Windguru.

Windfinder has an application you can install on your phone.
There is the free version and the pro version. The pro version includes wind direction arrows, temperate and satellite maps.

The new Wind Guru app is not released yet, but check that out as well when it arrives.

There are many places you can go and check out the forecasts, and local weather forecasts can often be as good as the larger ones. Some sites are better for certain kite spots, as you will discover when you have kited for a few times. is Norwegian site that is very popular also outside of Norway, and many kiters depend on this site. It does not show any information on waves, but has estimates wind allright. Using this in combination with Windfinder

Other application and sites:

Snow-kiting at Haugastøl:

Oslo Kiteskole's base for snow-kiting is Haugastøl. Haugastøl is situated between Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda national park, and is by far one of the top areas in the world for snow-kiting. The area can offer stable wind conditions and endless distances suitable for kiting.

The peak season for kiting is between December and end of March. This is when you normally would get the best wind conditions and powder snow.

The best part about Haugastøl is the many large and varied kite-spots.
Hardangervidda Nationalpark has approx. 3500 km2 of rideable terrain, and Hallingskarvet Nationalpark has 450 km2 of great kite conditions.

The flexibility to move around the best spots of the day, improves the chances of epic kiting. Many of the best kiters in the world stay at Haugastøl all winter due to the good conditions. Haugastøl is the venue of the biggest snow kite competitions in the world. Red Bull Ragnarok, world championships and countless Norwegian championships has been arranged here.

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